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With today’s ever growing concerns over the security of your computer network, it’s data and the ramifications of what would happen if your network was exposed to a disaster or an exploit, we at Synergetic Office Systems continually strive to provide the highest level of security possible. Below are some the areas in which we work to improve data and access security.

  • Server and component redundancy
  • Hardware and software firewalls
  • Anti-virus software
  • Data access controls
  • Password usage policies
  • Internet browsing and monitoring controls
  • Spam, adware and malware control
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Web Filtering – restricting web access

A secure network requires constant vigilance! The first part of the job is selection and implementation of the appropriate components, policies and procedures to meet your firm’s security needs and concerns. Once these systems are in place, Synergetic Office Systems monitors your network on a continuing basis to ensure that any potential or attempted virus/adware/malware infection or security breach is quickly identified and stopped. We cannot ensure that your firm will never experience a disaster or a computer security breach. We can, however, ensure that everything is done to minimize the risks.

To help secure your desktop/workstation, we recommend a four-part approach. It requires implementing security practices in the following areas:

  • Planning and executing the deployment of workstations
  • Configuring workstations to prevent security incidents
  • Maintaining the integrity of the deployed workstation
  • Improving user awareness of security issues

These practices Synergetic Office Systems deploys are designed to improve security in several ways:

  • They promote consistency. When the configuration and deployment of servers & workstations is consistent, it is easier to manage security and to predict or identify use outside the norm.
  • They help to maximize security on each server & workstation. This provides vital protection in case of failure of perimeter defenses. Host security is also a first-line of defense against internal threats, which generally have a higher probability of occurrence than external threats via the network.
  • They help you recognize security incidents sooner, help prepare you to recover from security breaches, and prevent similar breaches from recurring. As a result, you can reduce damages from security incidents.

As your Network Support Specialists our goal is
to eliminate network security vulnerabilities!