Cloud-Based Solutions

Synergetic Office Systems partners with top-quality cloud service providers to offer you the best in the important cloud-based services to support your business needs. Contact us to discuss your business needs for sophisticated, cutting edge cloud services:

The key business challenge for any company today is to find easy, cost effective ways for staff to access and share critical information safely and securely from their desktop environment and from home or other remote offices, such as a business associate’s or client’s office or on the road.  Synergetic Office Systems can provide and manage a network environment that encompasses a number of in-house, remote and mobile solutions to keep you and your staff in touch and able to be productive whenever necessary.

Remote Access and Mobility

In today’s world, business success depends upon your staff being able to work from anywhere you need to send them, whether it be next door, at home or across the country.  With our various remote access solutions, your staff need never be out of touch with the vital business systems that they need to perform effectively for you.

Up-to-date in-house email solutions offer a number of different ways to ensure that your staff stays in touch. Email can be synchronized with smart phones and tablets and can be accessed through an Internet browser from anywhere in the world.

Synergetic Office Systems configures, installs and supports remote access functions including VPN (virtual private network) systems, remote desktops and remote applications.  Using remote desktops and remote application services, your staff can run their vital business programs across the Internet with the same functionality and security as if they were on-site at your offices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The most powerful backup and disaster recovery solutions combine both in-house and cloud-based backups and storage of full system images in the cloud for disaster recovery. Our cloud backup system meets this requirement using high quality software and hardware solutions and cloud-based storage provided by one of our partner companies that has specialized in backup and disaster recovery software for over 10 years.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security systems are designed to protect your network from intrusions, viruses and spam.  These systems cover the gamut from network perimeter firewalls to desktop and server antivirus software. Synergetic Office Systems provides high quality systems for perimeter, server and client intrusion prevention. Perimeter firewalls can be used to filter spam, viruses and malicious web-based content.  Cloud-based components of these services provide filtering of incoming email for viruses and spam and periodic or continuous updating of virus definitions to insure that your systems are always protected as fully as possible.

Email Continuity

Despite our best efforts to provide you with 100% reliable systems, email systems can suffer infrequent interruptions.  Email continuity in the cloud provides a backup email system so that you never miss an incoming email due to a hardware failure or even a failure of your office Internet connection.

Offsite Data Archiving

If you’re storing large amounts of archived data on-site, you may be using resources that could be dedicated to more immediate technology needs.  Off-site archiving of large amounts of data provides an option for secure data storage at a very small cost.

Host-Based Email

Sophisticated host-based email systems are available that provide not only email but also include data storage and methods of sharing information that can enhance your business communications.