Test of a new Post

You might notice the beginning of my post and rail “fence to nowhere”. I couldn’t finish it with some trees in the way.  We had the 5 acre property surveyed and separated into a 2 acre house lot and a 3 acre tree farm.  You may notice the pins – marked by red-topped rebars.  The fence would mark the new property line – at some future date.  In the meantime, all the new planting is on the 3 acre site.  There is another 500 seedlings to be delivered next spring and added to the transplant nursery.  Now all our White Pine stock comes from seedlings transplanted from the edge of the property – what my Dad would call “volunteers”, or maybe “estate grown”?

The open area just to the south of the driveway is the start of the new wildflower meadow.  We had an array of colors there this year and didn’t mow until after the first frost.  Next year we are looking for a larger area, more color.  We will see.

Looks like we are in good shape for trees this year.  Our annual inventory shows a few less trees than the last two years but far more than the prior years. We have White Pine to 8 ft (no higher), Spruce (Meyers/White/Blue) to 9 ft, and a good selection of Fir (Concolor/Fraser/Canaan) with some pushing 10 ft. We seem to have a larger selection of full (read wide and thick) trees than in the past.  If you want a tree to fill the room, we got ‘em.  Prices are unchanged at $39.  We still have the $19 table tops but most have outgrown the table – in the 5/6 ft range, and there are smaller ones that actually will fit on the table. We will have our typical selection of $19 precut trees starting the 2nd weekend – Saturday Dec 6.  These trees are not for November.

Had a very good year with the bees – unusual I am told.  Started with 3 hives, split 2 and ended up with 5.  Collected 2 buckets of honey and bottled it for sale.  Getting them through the winter is always a challenge.  Our neighbor’s chickens are still in our coop.  For the names you will have to ask the kids next door.

Both Catherine and Liz are doing well.  No new books this year, but we are stocked with their previous output.  Grandson Nick is in college and Mimi is in high school – how did that happen so fast?  Liz and Jose’s kids are in Australia – our grandson Zo now has baby Abigail to join Elloit (great-grandkids!)  Liz and Jose will spend most of the winter “down under” with their extended family.

We are looking forward to Bees Fleas & Trees Holiday Season #39.  Our very best for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015.

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